Tyler Richards

Hey there, i'm Tyler, a Data Scientist at Facebook working on community integrity. Before this gig, my focus was on helping bolster the state of US elections for the nonprofit Protect Democracy. I'm a political scientist and industrial engineer by training, which implements itself in fun ways like applying machine learning to local campus elections , creating algorithms to help P&G target Tide Pod users, or finding ways to determine the best ping pong players in friend groups. I'm always looking for a new project, a new adventure.

Check out my portfolio below, and feel free to get in touch by emailing me here or just tweeting incessently at me. I separated my portfolio into a few sections that reflect how I spend my time, 'Data Science' for long form analytics, 'Projects' for non-data or data adjacent work, 'Teaching' for presentations or public facing educational content i've created over the years, and 'Misc' for anything else that doesn't fall into those categories. Everything is generally ordered by some factor of perceived quality and age of content, which (ideally) should be directionally similar. My favorite books are here and play me in chess..

Not My System Projects
Analyzing DSI Data Science
Turning Social Questions into Actionable Projects Data Science Symposium: May 2017
Various Media Miscellaneous