SW (Image) Rec

By Tyler Richards

Throughout my time at UF, I've loved to utilize a gym called Southwest Rec. Usually, I lift or play indoor soccer when I am there, but occasionally i'll play basketball. Now the problem is, I don't really want to go to the gym if there are too many people there and I can't get a good workout in. So my goal here is to figure out how to tell if the gym is actually super crowded or not.

Attempt #1: Counters

The SW Rec website has their employees walk around various areas of the gym around every 45 minutes or so and physically count the number of people there, and nicely put the raw counts online for anyone to see. See a few of the counts below.

In [46]:
from IPython.display import Image

This screenshot was taken at 11:30am, but as you can see, the counts were from nearly an hour before. In a gym that can fluctuate by 40 members in a 15 minute span, is this the best we can do? Is there a way to get a more accurate count?

Attempt #2: Live Cameras

Another section of the public facing website is called 'Live Cameras', which I went to and was pretty much immediately creeped out by.

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