Not My System

In the 1960s and 70s as the University of Florida began to integrate its student population, white students in fraternities decided that they did not want people of color in student government positions and decided to create what is now called The System. They force around 6 thousand students in fraternities and sororities to vote for their candidates, and in turn give positions back to those organizations, freezing anyone who is not rich and white out of controlling the multi-million dollar budget. This is heavily documented in multiple theses and articles.

My friend Elle and I were approached by a student named Sabrina who had been in this System for years and had felt guilty enough to step forward and film a tell-all video about it. Over the next 48 hours, we produced, filmed, and released a video that was watched over 100k times, was covered nationally and internationally here, here, and quite a few other places. While a single video did not dismantle much of anything, it certainly increased awareness of this issue. Read more from the perspective of Elle here .